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Those Who Doubled Their Business Volume with Digital Transformation in the Real Estate (Remax)

Corporate Sense has undersigned a digital transformation project that will increase the business volume of Remax offices/consultants in the real estate sector. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) projects, led by the idea and project leadership of Team Leader Şükrü Akgül, who was the 18th in Turkey and the 1st in the 2nd region under the umbrella of Remax, were brought to life. The results in a short time are "STUNNING!".

50x Times More Access to Potential Customer

20x Times More Returns

10x Times More Contracts

How Does the Digital Transformation Project Do It?

The project has a wide scope from property management, customer relationship management, marketing plans, roboticized business processes, whatsapp and marketplace application integrations to business intelligence reporting systems. The CRM system, which can be managed from both mobile and computer, has many different features than the CRM systems in the real estate sector.

Scans Ads, Automatically Saves the Appropriate Ones to the System

Robots developed for Remax scan approximately 4500 advertisements daily from the relevant real estate market place / portal applications and save the ones that meet the determined criteria in the CRM system. Thanks to the fact that robots can process these transactions 100 times faster than humans, it enables Remax to increase the number of people reached by at least x50 times. With automated and personalized messages via the CRM system, it is possible to communicate with 500 people with 1 robot per day. Before the digital transformation project, each consultant can communicate with a maximum of 10 people per day, while this number increases to 50 with RPA. With 50x increased reach, that means 20x more returns and 10x more contracts than before. This means that the project will pay for itself in less than 6 months and double the profits of the institution.

Property Management and Marketing Plan

One of the most important reasons for this preference of property owners who hand over their property to Remax for sale or rental is that Remax has a corporate business system. Şükrü Akgül, Remax Development Team Leader, Remax Turkey 18th successful consultant, 2nd Region 1st and the idea leader of the Digital Transformation project, summarizes the working system at Remax as follows.

"We operate an 18-stage marketing plan for every property we consult. We ensure that our marketing plan works effectively with CRM, BI Business intelligence and RPA robotic process automation digital infrastructure."

At this point, the properties are recorded with the CRM system, and Remax in property management enables the property owner to follow the stage of the sale or rental process with an automatic e-mail trigger, which informs the property owner at every stage. The system automatically informs the property owner at every stage. This automation satisfies property owners that processes are being managed effectively, while reducing the workload on their consultants and enabling them to focus more on sales. This function alone makes a significant contribution to the increase in performance.

If there is a situation that exceeds the standardized service times (for example, if the poster hanging process is not completed within 1 week), the system warns the Real Estate Consultant with a mobile notification and requests that the relevant actions be carried out without delay. In this way, it ensures that the Real Estate Advisor does not deviate from his target in his workload, while keeping the satisfaction of the property owner high.

Business Intelligence and Performance Management

As in every company, performance management is a very important issue at Remax. With the digital system where weekly, monthly and annual targets are set for each real estate agent, the consultants can instantly monitor their own performance from their mobile applications and computers.

A sweet competitive environment is created within the company with gamification applications. Thus, consultants not only provide job satisfaction and enjoy their work while doing their jobs, but also Remax doubles its business volume.

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