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Corporate Sense 

It is a strategic planning management system. Assign your KPIs to relevant departments, managers and teams. Track performances online. Create strategy maps. Deepen your strategic plans by using SWOT, Competitor Analysis, PESTEL analysis sets.

Sales Sense 

It is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Manage your sales team in the most effective way. Offer the best services to your customers. Be closer with your customers, manage their demands and needs quickly and effectively...

Supply Sense 

It is a supply chain management (SCM) system. Manage your suppliers in the most effective way. Increase their performance. Minimize your costs and increase your profitability with online auctions...

E-Commerce Sense 

Build your e-commerce site in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Get new customers by opening up digitally and multiply your earnings. Be in constant interaction with your customers with the mobile application of your e-commerce site...

Production Sense 

It is a production management system. Follow the OEEs of your machines and lines online. Prepare maintenance plans. Receive alerts so that periodic maintenance is not delayed. Measure and improve your production performance...

Quality Sense 

It is a quality management (QMS) system. Activate your quality management system. Manage procedures and instructions from a single center. Become able to monitor the processes and fix the problems instantly. Easily track customer complaints and CAPA records...

Robotic Sense 

With robotic process automation RPA, make your frequently repeated and standardized works that you carry out on a program-independent computer, error-free and super fast with software robots. Increase your employee satisfaction while reducing your labor cost...

Trade Sense 

Take foreign trade data with a single click according to Gtip codes and compare it with your own performance. Identify your target markets much more effectively and gain a competitive edge...

Hedge Sense 

Take all your risks under control with the risk management system. Measure and report currency risks, pricing risks, customer risks, take actions, and put periodic controls on  get reminders... 

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Why Us?

Invaluable opinions of our customers who prefer Corporate Sense...

"A completely special CRM was established for us in a very short time. They reflected their experience on our project."

They have improved the way we do business with business intelligence applications in customer relationship management, demand management and market reporting.


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