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Define, Measure, Control, Take Action on Your Risks 

All institutions, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, operate in an environment of uncertainty. Uncertainty, which causes institutions to encounter risks and opportunities, is the inability to determine the probabilities of potential future events and the consequences of these events. Uncertainty environments can change depending on the strategic preferences of the institution.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a structured enterprise-wide structure that identifies potential events that may affect the achievement of an enterprise's objectives, manages it within the limits of its willingness to take risks, and provides reasonable assurance that enterprise objectives will be achieved.  and is a process that is influenced by the institution's board of directors, management, and other employees.

The emergence of KRY  justification is the emergence of risks  are the strategies and objectives that the organization aims to achieve. The main purpose of KRY  It can be expressed as achieving the objectives of the institution by ensuring the management of risks. An ERM-based enterprise risk management system that works effectively and achieves its goals is also an effective ERM system.  possible in the presence of the system. Effective functioning of the ERM is only possible by monitoring the effectiveness of the system, detecting and correcting possible deficiencies and deficiencies.


Corporate Sense Corporate Risk Management System

With the Corporate Sense ERM System, it is possible to define the risks you may encounter while advancing towards your strategic goals and targets, to create control systems for the risks you have defined, to assign the control systems you have arranged to people, and to ensure that they are followed regularly.  

Corporate Sense ERM System allows you to identify risks, the probability and  While it allows you to define the degree of impact, it provides automatic risk scoring with the risk degrees you specify. In this way, the efficiency of the corporate risk management system is increased and it is ensured that the system works in a sustainable way without being dependent on people.


Evaluation of Risks and Reporting

With Corporate Sense ERM System reports, you will have the opportunity to define the risks you will face while operating your strategic plans, and to set priorities according to the probability of risk realization and degree of impact.

You can define periodic risk controls for the risks you have determined, assign these controls to people, and have the system warn you whether the controls are realized or not.


With the action plans you will prepare for risks, you can minimize the likelihood of risks occurring. As a result of the evaluations you will make periodically, you can follow the degree of impact of your risks and their realization probability levels. 

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