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Strategic Planning Management

Corp-Sense Strategic Planning Management was founded by Prof. Robert Kaplan and Dr. It is based on the "Balanced Scorecard" methodology created by David Norton and considered by Harvard University as the most impressive management idea of the last 75 years.

Creating a strategy map in four dimensions, setting goals related to strategies, defining target metrics, distributing goals to business families, creating business plans based on strategic goals and objectives, assigning and following the plans to those responsible are easily followed by Corporate-Sense's Strategic Planning Management system.

What is a Balanced Scorecard?

Balanced scorecard, as a strategic management tool that reduces financial goals to other dimensions as a result of the inadequacy of financial strategies and metrics in the 1990s, enables them to handle and execute them in a more balanced way. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. Presented by David P. Norton. These two Harvards  The number of companies using the management technique developed by his professor is increasing day by day.

In the balanced scorecard application, an average of 12-25 basic metrics are determined on a company basis. However, as a result of the dissemination of these metrics in medium and large-scale companies on the basis of departments, units and individuals, difficulties arise in manual monitoring and reporting. In practice, the importance of quick feedback should not be underestimated. The fact that a system solution to be used gives the opportunity to make simulations also provides the necessary convenience for reviewing, correcting and, if necessary, renewing strategic decisions.

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How to Apply Balanced Scorecard?

Today, the memory of institutions is formed on information technology platforms. Managers make their daily or long-term decisions that will carry institutions forward by using information technologies. The fact that performance management and decision support processes are carried out largely with information technologies has turned information technologies from being the support unit of the institution to Business Intelligence systems, where the work itself occurs.

In Balanced Scorecard, there should be systems that can work with a system that can work integrated with the ERP, MRP, Accounting systems installed in the companies, that can read instant data, that the performance of the strategies can be monitored instantly and that mobile usage is supported with simple interfaces.

Is It Costly to Install a Balanced Scorecard System?

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a system that ensures that all company employees comply with the strategies determined by the senior management and aligns the entire company to reach the determined vision. Therefore, it maximizes productivity within the company. It eliminates unnecessary work, maximizes employee performance and supports the creation of competitive advantage.


According to the research conducted by Brain & Company, all of the large companies (companies with a profit of more than 500 million dollars) in seven developed countries (USA, Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy and Japan) have strategic plans. This clearly demonstrates the success of this system. The savings and profitability increase to be created in the company with BSC will create a return much higher than the investment to be made for the system.

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