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Gamification | Gamification

The KPIs included in the performance measurement in all modules are converted into scores with the gamification application.  

  • Sale Sense 

  • Production Sense

  • Quality Sense

  • It works integrated with Supply Sense and all other modules and turns the targets set for these modules into points.

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First Rule of Motivation Feedback

Measure the behavior of your team, define the behaviors in line with the behavior models you have determined in the system, and motivate your successful employees who behave accordingly by starring them. Every star you give turns into points for them.

STAR uatio = S i T + R + A ction esult  

Change Undesirable Behaviors by Giving Starar

Show that you are fair to your team. To change misbehaviors, give them the opportunity to change behavior by giving STAR-AR to behaviors that are outside of what you describe.  

STAR-AR  =  S i T + A ction uatio (Misbehaviors) + R esult (unwanted result)  

+ [Ction (desired behavior) + R esult (desired results)]

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Excellent performance!! We congratulate you, if you continue like this, leadership is inevitable. 

Your Team with Motivational Messages

Make sure she enjoys her job

Rankings are formed with the scores from all performance indicators and the scores collected from behavioral indicators. It automatically sends motivation messages when it reaches the target scores that will contribute to the motivation of all employees.


With our gamification application, which we developed to increase the performance of sales teams and ensure that they enjoy their work, both employees  motivation  and increase your loyalty and increase your company profitability.

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Gamification | gamification  What are the advantages?


  • Scoring is done automatically over all defined KPIs and employees can track their performance online.

  • It ensures the spread of desired behaviors in your company and the reduction of undesirable ones, making it easier for you to create a corporate culture.

  • With our Gamification apps, your entire team  Increases motivation and job engagement.

  • It ensures that managers evaluate employees fairly. All star and star ar records are instantly sent to all relevant managers and it can be monitored whether the scoring is done fairly and within the entire performance period.

  • By making your team feel successful while doing their job, you will make them love their job more.

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B2B Sales  Consulting

B2B Sales Management  Within the scope of his consultancy;

  • Increase your sales with Unique Selling Point Structure and benefit-based sales technique,

  • Know Your Customer, know your customer and determine their behavior accordingly,

  • Standardize new customer acquisition processes with Prospect management

  • Selling with the Spin Selling Technique  improve your skills,

trainings are given on the topics of the company and effective B2B sales for companies  management system is established.

Counseling Man Day:


Adam Hands On Klavye



Sales Sense + Gamification

Sales-Sense & MS Dynamics CRM can be integrated with all Web-based ERP systems.

Manage the performance of your sales team by integrating Sale-Sense and Gamification

Sales Sense + Gamification


Bir toplantıda

Sales  sense

User License Fee

Sales Sense,  It can be rented with the license rental model and costs only $ 8.5 per person per month.


Roles with different authorizations that you want to use in your company.  increase compared to  except for the number of users that can show  1 license  system can be used.

License Monthly Rental Fee per Person:


Nakliye Konteynerleri

Integration Package  Sales + Supply Sense + Gamification

Sales-Sense, all Web-based ERP  systems can be integrated.

also  Sales Sense,  Also with Supply-Sense and Gamification  can be integrated, thereby improving your performance on the sales or purchasing side.  can be made traceable.  

Sales Sense + Supply Sense + Gamification



Sales Sense

Mobile Application and Business Intelligence 

Sales  Sense & Dynamics CRM  and Business Intelligence Reports  Your system will be ready for use within 2 weeks with this one-time fee to own it.

Sales  Sense consists of two applications. In these two products, which also have mobile applications, you can access your system and business intelligence reports, where you can perform your transactions instantly.  you will suddenly have a separate application.

Sales  Sense and Business Intelligence Setup:


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