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Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Management

Civilian  society  organizations  either  in  civilian  society  organizations,  official  institutions  outside  remainder  and  of these  independent  aspect  worker,  political , social,  cultural ,  legal  and  environmental  for the purposes  lobby  They are non-profit organizations that work with persuasion and action, recruit their members and employees voluntarily, and provide their income through donations or membership payments. In an effective association management, communication with members can be much more effective with the use of digital resources.  

non-governmental organizations  whether ... or  room , whether  union , whether  foundation  or  society  They are legal societies established to develop a useful service to society, and they are established to help everyone. Thanks to the solutions developed by Corporate Sense for associations, associations can track member fees, plan events, create and track budgets, prepare strategic plans, prepare annual reports covering their activities throughout the activity period, record association statutes, prepare audit plans, and member portals. You can create surveys on the  collect data and share reports.

In addition, they can have Corporate Sense applications without paying a license fee by making use of the funds provided for associations. Detail  Contact us for...

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