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Protect yourself from the risks of price changes by hedging. your riskshedge sense manage with

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Follow the price changes of all metals traded on the London Metal Exchange, manage price change risks

LME (London Metal Exhange)

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Track profit and loss status, open positions, profit or loss status instantly


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Instantly hedge price changes between buying and selling by installing automations. Don't depend on people


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of Hedge-Sense  What are the advantages?

  • You can easily see your open positions and make your counter transactions easily,

  • By tracking your open collateral amount, you can detect situations that require additional collateral and adjust your cash flow in advance,

  • You can see the situations of excess collateral and use your cash collateral in different areas when necessary,

  • You can avoid unnecessary paper transactions by seeing your physical sales and purchasing transactions online, so you do not pay unnecessary hedge costs,

  • You will be able to take decisions instantly and you will be able to evaluate the price change opportunities you see.

  • Transparent  and you become accountable,

  • It reports how much profit or loss you made from which transactions, financial and  operational  You will be able to distinguish between the profitability of your transactions.

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"At Altek Metal, we operate a very dynamic sales and purchasing process.  LME hedge is very important for us and it is a process that we must be able to manage without losing our flexibility. With Hedge-Sense, we can associate all our physical and stock market transactions with each other without losing this flexibility, and we have ensured that our operational profit/loss is cleared from financial profit/loss. 


Altek  Metal  Industry  ve Tic. Inc.


*Important Note: The prices given above are for standard installations and do not include all features. The final price is determined as a result of the work to be done in the institution and presented as an offer.

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