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The products you export or import in the World Market follow

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All foreign trade data is in front of you with a single click 


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How well do you know your industry? We bring all the foreign trade data of your sector to your pocket in the most up-to-date form.

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Report interfaces and company-specific branded applications suitable for different reporting expectations


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Trade Sense  |  TALSAD


Trade Sense's  What are the advantages?

  • Instant access to all data about your industry  You become an expert witness.  

  • You determine your target markets much more accurately

  • You will know your competitor markets and you will be able to make competitive analysis.

  • You learn how much your competitors' markets cost the products you supply and see if you create a competitive advantage.

  • You will be able to take decisions much faster and add dynamism to your company.

  • Follows the changes in the market closely  early  You can take precautions or see opportunities early.  

Discover for yourself

Trade Sense using the filters on the left of the screen  You can see how business intelligence reports work.

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"As TALSAD, we attach great importance to the Digital Transformation project.  With this project, the data of our producers and sector organizations regarding the domestic and foreign markets, which concern the Turkish aluminum industry, are available to our companies in a dynamic environment and ready to be used at any time.  we offer.  Production in the aluminum industry,  Thus, we have established a system in which we will regularly and reliably monitor the market balance consisting of domestic consumption, import and export items, and have transferred it to the digital environment. Thus, TALSAD Members can instantly observe the developments in the domestic and foreign markets.” 


Turkish Aluminum Industrialists Association - TALSAD

Secretary General

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