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Supply chain management

All managerial tasks to ensure the efficient and correct flow of materials and information between suppliers and customers throughout the supply chain,  It constitutes Supply Chain Management. In this context, the design, planning, operation, control and monitoring of all supply chain operations become manageable with the Corporate-Sense Supply Chain Management System.

Long term

  • Strategic Supply Network Planning

Medium Term

  • Sales and  Operation  Planning,

  • Budgeting

Short/Medium Term

  • Demand Management,

  • Pricing

Short Term

  • Production Material Distribution Planning

Strategic Supply Network Planning

Strategic Business Planning  It is the process in which the organization determines the physical structure of the supply chain with the strategic decisions taken by the senior management. Within the scope of the physical structure of the supply chain, suppliers, factories, warehouses,  The locations and structures of the facilities and the methods and forms of transportation between facilities are determined within the strategic planning processes.

Sales  Operations Planning and Budgeting

Demand Planning  The company's future purchasing, production and logistics needs are determined by creating long, medium and short-term forecasts. All planning within the organization is made based on the forecasts that Demand Planning will produce.

RFQs shared with suppliers are negotiated in the budgeting processes, and annual procurement policies and strategic decisions are determined by the main suppliers. As the demands are created, it is ensured that purchasing decisions are made within the framework of the budget.

Demand Management and Pricing

Demand Management  and all kinds of raw materials, auxiliary materials and services to be used in production or service provision.  Timing and quantity decisions are taken for the supply over the supply network. Requests are created and it is ensured that the requests are forwarded to the approved suppliers.  

created  Supplier portals enable suppliers to enter their offers into the system and save time and labor. The decision-making criteria of the purchasing personnel are designed by the top management and are independent of the corporate policies.  in the framework of  supply decisions are made.

Evaluation of Supplier Performance

As a result of the purchasing transactions realized within the budget period, the Suppliers;

  • pricing,

  • on time delivery,

  • quality,

performances are recorded. Thanks to the integrated quality management system, the action plans expected from them are followed up with the CAPAs issued to the suppliers.

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