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Business Intelligence Applications

Business intelligence (BI) tools are applications that collect and process large amounts of unstructured data from internal and external systems, such as books, journals, documents, health records, images, files, emails, videos, and other business-related resources. Although not as flexible as business analytics tools, BI tools generally provide the ability to collect data to find information through query. These tools also help prepare data for analysis. This allows you to create reports, dashboards, and data visualizations. The results support employees and managers to make faster and more effective decisions, increase operational efficiency, identify new revenue sources, identify market trends, report actual KPIs, and identify new business opportunities.

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Business intelligence tools generally used for simple querying and reporting of business data; can combine a wide variety of data analytics applications including rapid analytics and querying, enterprise reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), mobile BI, real-time BI, operational BI, cloud and software-based BI as a service, open source BI, collaborative BI, and location intelligence . It may also include data visualization software for graphic design purposes, as well as tools for creating BI dashboards and scorecards that display business metrics and KPIs to bring company data to life by presenting it in easily understandable visuals.

BI Mobile App

With the business intelligence (BI) mobile application, you can access all your reports instantly, and you can easily make all kinds of inquiries and filters.

You can make your reports the easiest for users to understand by choosing the most suitable ones from dozens of different data visualization formats.

Some Report Types

  • Tables

  • Line Charts

  • Bar Charts

  • Line - Bar Biaxial Charts

  • Pie Charts

  • Map Charts

  • Balloon Graphics

  • KPI Dials

  • Gant Charts and dozens more additional types...

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Using Filters

Start Analysis

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If you want to control all the data and manage your business better by using business intelligence reporting in your business, contact us.

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