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Budget  Management

One of the most important factors for companies to ensure their sustainability is having a financial discipline. for financial sustainability  parallel to its strategic goals  Apart from having an effective budget, it is also very critical to follow this budget effectively.  

You can prepare integrated budgets with the strategic plans you have prepared in an integrated way with Corporate Sense budget management software and you can track your budget effectively. 

Create Different Budgets for Different Scenarios

You can prepare multiple budgets for different scenarios at the same time, and you can track the realizations through different budget reports. You can assign actions to the team managers who are responsible for the budget for items that fall under your budget, and you can effectively monitor whether these actions take place or not, thanks to the mechanisms that the system will warn you about.

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Track Your Income and Expense Budgets


You can prepare both income and expense budgets and follow both aspects of the budget effectively. You can define your account details in your current accounting systems into Corporate Sense applications without making any changes, and the budget you will create in Excel thanks to data transfer from Excel.  data  You can insert it into the system at once.  

Export to Excel
Import from Excel

Get Realization Data Automatically with Integration Capability

Again, thanks to the integration of data from your existing accounting system, you can report the realizations.  

It can establish relationships between all marketing plans, sales activities, strategic plans, risk management actions, maintenance and repair activities and your budget. You can set up the approval request and approval mechanisms within the Corporate Sense budget management system and manage the budgeting processes. 

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Business Intelligence Reporting System

We design your budget and realizations in a completely customizable format in the format that suits you best. Thus, your reports are always up-to-date in the way you want to see them.






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