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Corporate Sense

Quality management system


Quality management system

Today, quality is an indispensable element for companies to gain competitive advantage and to be preferred by their customers. Quality management systems are based on the model of recording processes and doing business according to registered processes in order to ensure that the products and services offered by companies to their customers meet a certain standard regardless of individuals.

Documentation of all processes with Corporate Sense Quality Management System software,  It is possible to prepare in a way that covers all the requirements of quality management system standards. The system, which works integrated with all processes and procedures, at the same time,

  • Planning of Corrective and Preventive Actions (CPA),

  • Follow-up of CAPA Actions and Mail Reminder System,

  • Audit Planning and Reporting,

  • Establishing and Planning an Internal Auditor Pool,

  • Education Planning,

  • Creating Non-Conformance Records also includes systems. 

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