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Effectively manage the supply chain

Online auctions Maximize your profits with

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Measure and improve supplier performance with an approved supplier management system


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Create Online Auctions and push the competitiveness of your suppliers. 


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Automate and stay informed of all supply chain management processes 


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Supply Sense

To whom it May concern,

The purchase order detailed below is overdue. 

Demand: Raw Material

Quantity: 10 tons


of Supply-Sense  What are the advantages?

  • You can associate the requests with the budget and prevent unapproved purchases by running approval processes. You eliminate the possibility of abuse

  • When determining your approved suppliers, all evaluations are made and  You can monitor what is not done and prevent wrong purchases.

  • You measure the performance of your suppliers and enable them to improve in quality, price and service.

  • By establishing a supplier portal, you reduce your costs by placing your suppliers in online tenders.  

  • While increasing competition, you will not disrupt supplier relations.

  • Transparent  and you become accountable,

  • Since you define the purchasing criteria, your purchasing team cannot carry out any purchasing transactions that fall outside these criteria, and you guarantee your institutionalism.

  • supplier  portal  You will be able to carry your workload to the suppliers and you will start to manage the Supply Chain Process effectively without having to chase the demands.


"At Altek Metal, we operate a very dynamic sales and purchasing process.  LME hedge is very important for us and it is a process that we must be able to manage without losing our flexibility. With Hedge-Sense, we can associate all our physical and stock market transactions with each other without losing this flexibility, and we have ensured that our operational profit/loss is cleared from financial profit/loss. 


Altek  Metal  Industry  ve Tic. Inc.


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