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From your production siteIOT collect data, track online

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Make every stage of production traceable, follow orders


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Instantly monitor your production performance, take action, effectively manage


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Automatically collect data from production lines with IOT


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Production-Sense 's  What are the advantages?

  • You can follow your orders in production online and avoid delays.

  • You increase production efficiency and increase your profitability.

  • You follow your planned maintenance and extend the life of your machines.

  • You increase customer satisfaction by avoiding possible downtimes by performing your planned maintenance without skipping.

  • While you follow all the performance reports online, you use the time you lose for reporting in more productive areas.  

  • By recording your failures, you increase your production performance and profitability.

  • that can be integrated with your machines  production  With sense, you can monitor the performance of all your machines instantly and employ personnel to keep records.  you won't have to.

Try it yourself

the filters on the left of the screen.  by clicking  See how Power Bi business intelligence reports work

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