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Customer relations 

"Sale Sense" with  perfect it

Record visit reports with sound, check in, send location information to your center



Create, track and manage demands, deals, offers and orders from your mobile device


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Outlook  Work from within and increase your productivity.

assignment, appointment and

sync your emails


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With our gamification application, which we developed to increase the performance of sales teams and ensure that they enjoy their work, both employees motivation increase loyalty and increase your company profitability.

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Sales-Sense 's  What are the advantages?


  • It manages all your sales processes from your mobile devices, eliminating your dependency on the office.  you can lift . In this way, you can spend more time on your processes with your customers.

  • You can increase your sales performance by alerting you to sales opportunities that are about to expire or expire.

  • With our gamification applications, you can increase the motivation and commitment of the sales team.

  • With customer portals, your customers learn about the order by asking you.  status, current account  It allows your institution to get information by connecting to your system on issues such as the balance of your institution.  quality  You raise your perception. At the same time, you save time and increase your productivity.

  • Automatically manage all your conversations with your customers with applications integrated with CRM.  to your system  You create your transferable corporate memory.

  • With Know Your Customer, it detects the character colors of your customers. You develop appropriate behavioral models for them. You can identify the customers who can best agree with your employees in your team and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Determines your Unique Selling Points according to the relevant roles of the customers  your submission  You highlight the necessary benefits and increase your sales performance.


"At Altek Metal, our sales team consists entirely of the field sales team. This required us to have the opportunity to carry out all our operational processes without being connected to the office. Our sales team with Sales Sense  it has become able to manage all processes from smart phones. You can take orders instantly from the field and  We can forward it to purchasing, enter after-sales service requests and instantly inform the quality teams about the issue. It also eliminated our Sales Sense workload, thanks to its technology that takes audio notes and converts our visit reports into written recordings.” 


Altek  Metal  Industry  ve Tic. Inc.

Sales & Marketing Manager

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