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Change Management

Companies  throughout all life stages  adapt to environmental conditions and  constantly improving  must be able to compete. Otherwise, they meet the needs of the market they are in.  they cannot appeal and after a while they lose their competitive power and disappear from the market. Being able to manage change  It is important in terms of sustainability that it systematically collects data from its internal and external environment and manages the development of its institution by analyzing the opportunities and threats of change.     

With the Corporate Sense Change Management System, you can analyze the change inputs you collect from all three and external sources and  As a result of the analysis, you establish the system of developing new change proposals.  

When you define costs and returns for each of your recommendations, the system automatically calculates the ROIs of the recommendations and ranks the change recommendations by ROIs. In this way, the returns and priorities of the change proposals are determined and  The speed and efficiency of the top management's evaluation will automatically increase.

Budgets for all change proposals can be planned and integrated with the budget management system. At the same time, you can create teams for relevant change projects, assign tasks to relevant people for change projects, and follow these tasks effectively.

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