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Integration Capabilities

Integration with ERP Programs

Corporate Sense consists of applications built on the Microsoft Dynamics system and can be integrated with any ERP, MRP, CRM system. You will not have to give up on your existing systems, especially with its structure that can be easily exchanged with widely used ERP programs such as SAP, Oracle, Logo.


Integrated Working Feature with All Microsoft's Products

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Especially Microsoft such as Outlook, Excel, Word  programs are indispensable in our daily life.  are some of the programs. Because Corporate Sense's applications run on Microsoft Dynamics, all Office  apps and all products of Microsoft  works integrated with This too  use  like the ease  time to get used to the program  prevents loss.


Thanks to the fact that all the menus of the system are accessible from within Outlook, you can do all your work without the need to open an application.  It allows you to do it in Outlook.  


Excel  in format  You can easily import the data you create.  You can easily transfer the records you kept before using Corporate Sense applications to the system and you do not have to return to your excel files for past records. Export your data to Excel  You can create exportable pivot tables and prepare flexible reports.

You can import all kinds of documents you will design in Word files into Corporate Sense application templates, create preprinted forms and get printouts.

Social Media Integration

Corporate Sense, with the Dynamics CRM linkedin integration, automatically records the company records of your customers' contacts while assigning your leads to your system with a single click.  as it does. While this prevents you from wasting time to create customer records within the system, it also helps you to create your own database on the human resources side.


Filtering and evaluating candidates according to their characteristics from your candidate pool, which you have created with the integration capability that allows you to automatically pull all competencies and past work experiences from LinkedIn profiles.  will provide.  

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You can integrate your system with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, create opportunity records from requests and correspondence from here, an integrated marketing,  You can provide sales and social media integration.

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With Social Insights, you bring social media data directly into Dynamics 365 dashboards and entity forms. As an administrator, you configure the Social Engagement connection and add Social Insights controls to entity forms and system dashboards. You use the Social Insights controls to specify what social data you want to see and in what format you want it presented to you. When you set up Social Insights controls, you choose a search topic or category of search topics and images. Select images after search subject or category. It can be a graph or chart or some other visual representation of data. You can find lots of interesting, useful and easy-to-follow information.

Within Dynamics 365, you can get powerful social insights by connecting Dynamics 365 to Social Engagement. Social Engagement puts social media at the fingertips of your sales team, customer service agent, and everyone in your organization. These intuitive interface elements provide insights and help you understand what your customers or prospects are saying about your products, brands, and services. Identify issues or compliments about your products or services on social media.


Thanks to Whatsapp integration, your company  You can create WhatsApp accounts, transfer your customers' requests to the system through these accounts, and quickly transform into a structure that can keep up with your customers' communication preferences.

Even more  You can contact us to find out. 

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