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Mobile Application Development

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We develop mobile applications tailored to your needs.  

Today, KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law)  Notification of marketing activities by e-mail or message, in accordance with their obligations, is subject to users' permission.  subject to. At the same time, it is very troublesome and costly to track and manage the permissions you have received. Added to this is that your target audience does not want to read incoming messages. As a result, such as SMS and Mailing  methods are becoming less and less effective. This is replaced by communication with mobile applications and mobile notifications.


Now, contact us to develop your mobile application, which is the most effective way for you with your target audience.


IOS and Android

We develop compatible mobile applications for both mobile operating systems.

Attract your audience's attention with mobile notifications.

Be one click away from your target audience. Remember, users always want the easiest.

Increase your company awareness and sales.


ISRS'2020 International Steel Rolling Symposium 2020

It is the mobile application of the International Rolling Mill Symposium developed for IOS. All details of the symposium can be accessed via the mobile application. Delegate, Visitor registration is possible. In addition, papers suitable for the scope of the symposium can be sent through the paper forms. 


COVID-19 Statistics

Prepared for Android devices where all statistics about the Covid-19 pandemic are published.  reporting application. Country statistics have been prepared for users to analyze in detail in the business intelligence application. 


METEM Mobile Application

It is a sectoral application where all symposiums, congresses, conferences, trainings and webinars of METEM, which is the Training and Event center of TMMOB Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers, can be followed and users can interact interactively with other users with membership registration.


Timeless Workshop Mobile Application

Timeless Workshop mobile application is an e-commerce application. It includes the sale of wood paints and painting products sold online, credit card payment methods, blog applications.

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Remax TSA Mobile App

Remax TSA is a Real Estate company application. It is an application where users can easily sell their properties, perform all real estate consultancy services online, and monitor the sales and rental processes of their properties online.

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Alusuch Mobile App

It is a social networking application that brings together the stakeholders of the entire aluminum industry and can share an article about the aluminum industry and social content. 

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